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2002, B.S. College of Life Sciences and Technology, Huazhong Agricultural University

2012, Ph.D. Department of Virology, Wageningen University, The Netherlands (KNAW-CAS)

Research Interests
Viruses regulate and remodel cellular system and micro-environment to facilitate efficient viral replication, to evade host sensing and to control the fate of an infected cell. Understanding these manipulation strategies employed by viruses provide opportunities to develop antivirals to intervene viral infection. In our group, we use several OMICs technologies to screen host factors that are regulated by viral infection and have direct association with viral proteins. Modern imaging technologies will then be applied to monitor the selected virus-host interactions in live and in situ. Complementary functional analysis will be employed to investigate the functional mechanisms involved in different stages of viral replication. HIV-1 and emerging bunyaviruses (SFTSV, RVFV, CCHFV, etc) are the model viruses that we are currently studying.

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