Title: Principal Investigator E-mail: x.zhang@wh.iov.cn


Xian-En Zhang received his first degree in Hubei University in 1982, MPhil. (microbiology, 1985) and Ph.D. (biochemistry, 1995) in the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS).

Research Interests

1) Nanobiology

we have exploited macrobiomolecules, such as viral capsid proteins and microbial surface layer proteins, as building blocks for construction of nanostructures with designed functions, e.g. biosensing and drug carriers. The current interest focuses on profiling cell surface proteins at super resolution level.

2) Sensing molecular events in living cells

we have developing red, far red and near infrared fluorescent protein molecular sensing systems (BiFC, TriFC, etc.) and "color virus" to achieve the visualization of molecular interactions in living cells and in vivo. The current interests include constructing cell sensors for detection of toxicity of chemicals at subcellular level and building molecular sensors for study of 3D genomics.

3) Biosensors

We have developed a series of biosensor and biochips, including microbial sensors, multiple/cascade enzyme electrodes, gene optode, Mycobacterium tuberculosis proteome microarray for environmental monitoring, bioprocess control, clinical diagnosis and new biomarkers screening. The current study emphasizes portability and flexibility of biosensors.

4) Microbial enzymology for biosensors

we have exploited and engineered a number of microbial enzymes to built some unique methods for improving biosensor performance, e.g. orientation control of enzyme immobilization, homogeneity of biosensor surface, enhanced electron transfer between enzyme molecules and the electrode, cascade enzyme sensors, etc. We continue to promote the research in this area.


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